2020: see clearly.

As we begin 2020, many leaders will be making New Year’s resolutions to enrich their lives, get in shape, work out finances, and so on. It’s also a great time to set New Year’s resolutions for your business to take it to new heights in 2020.

With the right goals and some New Year’s motivation, this year will no doubt be your business’s best yet. Here are some resolutions to consider in 2020 for your business.

Resolution #1: Boost team morale.

The holiday season is great because of the renewed sense of wellbeing, better mood, and increased motivation people have coming back to the workplace. This, unfortunately, does not last long. Eventually, team members will be reacclimated to their typical environment and may need a reliable system to boost morale and keep everyone at their best.

Leaders need to promote better workplace harmony to keep tensions low and spirits high. Offer a suggestion bin so colleagues can express issues they may be having without impeding day-to-day operations. Take time to talk to everyone periodically to nurture rapport. Over time, these actions could be the difference between keeping great team members and losing them.

Resolution #2: Improve productivity.

This should always be a resolution for you and everyone involved in your business. Productivity drives progress, efficiency, and goal completion. Without a focus on productivity, you’ll be missing out on the chance to use everyone to their utmost potential.

To keep your team performing productively, it’s important to be transparent. Continually remind them about your core mission, goals, and the objectives needed to see them through. Doing so will keep everyone on track and driven with clarity on how to move forward. There shouldn’t be any discrepancies on which operations are the most productive and valuable to your business.

Resolution #3: Improve time management.

Paired with improved productivity, improving time management is invaluable toward business growth and success. It can be so easy to let time slip away throughout a typical workday with so many distractions or obligations that may arise. You also may catch yourself doing busywork instead of what needs to be done.

To avoid this, it’s best to plan out your workweek. It’ll help keep you on task and not get caught up in the moment. After the week is scheduled, plan out your workday each morning. What exactly should you be doing? What should you set aside for later or avoid altogether? Identify key tasks and tackle them.

Resolution #4: Increase sales.

A business is nothing without sales so it’s important to set a resolution that drives better results in this area. Even if your sales may be improving year after year, it can always get better. Check your metrics and determine what can improve. It’s essential to be transparent about your sales goals and strategy.

Do you have specific sales targets for 2020? If you don’t, set them. Without something to aim for it’s much harder to achieve your sales goals. Improve sales strategy by getting feedback from your sales team as well as your customers. There could be some valuable information you might not be considering at the time that could better the sales process for everyone. There is always something you can do in this area to improve the overall process and earn far more sales for your business.

Resolution #5: Grow online presence.

With the internet being an integral part of most businesses nowadays if you don’t have much online presence you are missing out on a vast pool of customers or potential team members. Make sure to have solid organic and paid marketing efforts. Paid will get immediate results while organic will – over time – build your presence in a more deep-rooted way with more emphasis on time than money.

Improving social media presence is another way to make your mark online and grow your business. Social media platforms work exceptionally well for expanding online presence and can be used for unique advertising and brand awareness opportunities. The benefits derived from these platforms are widespread and powerful.

According to researchers at Bentley University, social media platforms are beneficial to businesses due to their ability to create online customer communities known as virtual customer environments (VCEs). These environments add value to many business operations such as sales, support, branding, and customer service. Growth in this area takes time and effort but by the end of 2020, you could see exceptional returns from these efforts.


These resolutions have the power to take your business to the next level. Your business may have unique needs that must be met for optimal results, so tailor resolutions toward what is essential for your business and keep at it. Planning your work in 2020 will help clear your head of any distractions or lack of focus. With these resolutions in place, you have something to refer to each day to guide your actions and decision-making. Avoid decision fatigue, take the right actions for your business, and start the new year off right.