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sales tips
Here’s how to take your sales to the next level…

A good sales copy can make or break any business. These are used in business when you have products or services you’d like to provide to customers. Although without the right level of persuasion, your sales will suffer.

To keep this from happening, here are some tips on how to make your sales copy much better—and make your profits go through the roof.

Benefits, not Features

An important thing to understand is that you are not writing for you, you are writing for the customers. Your writing should reflect that. Although listing the features of your products or services is important, what the readers really care about is how it will help them.

Be careful not to get too bogged up in details. Keep things simple and direct so customers know exactly how you can help them.

Powerful Writing

So, you’ve made some improvements to your sales copy, great! But did you ever consider if your writing is powerful or not? What does that even mean?

Well, powerful writing is key when it comes to persuading the customer to take action and buy. This means avoid passive wording, frivolous phrases, and an overuse of complex words—especially nouns and adverbs. This is because doing verbs are the muscle of your writing, and it’s what separates okay copy from great copy.

For example, change this statement from:

“Our scheduler is full of great features that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.”


“Our scheduler will benefit you by simplifying and streamlining your daily tasks, giving you more time for the things you enjoy.”

Tricks like these will help keep your sales copy active, not passive. Otherwise, the rate of sales conversion will be much lower.

Sell, Sell, Sell

After priming your writing and explaining benefits, make sure you are selling whenever possible. If you have similar products or services, include them! Provide links to different sales copy when appropriate. When you can keep the customers around they will keep buying; after all, they found you for a reason.

Make sure you understand customer attention is precious. Their time mustn’t be wasted and should be used to sell them everything you know they need.

Measure to Improve

If something is measured, it can be improved. This especially holds true for sales copy. If your customers are viewing the copy from clicking an ad, track their behavior by monitoring the URLs, tracking pixels, and cookies. If the user is viewing through other means, you can still check how long they are on the page and if they bought anything or not.

Are people leaving immediately? Or are they on the page for minutes but may have gotten overwhelmed or confused about where it’s going? These things take time to figure out and may need user feedback but it’s important for elevating your sales copy.


There is clearly a lot that can improve in sales copy. It won’t be a quick fix changing decent copy to great copy, but the rewards are worth it.

Each change you can make will take you that much further down the road of success. If that requires hiring a professional copywriter, weigh the costs versus benefits and see if it might help. Above all, never stop improving.